It's comfy.

I have a clear memory as a kid of standing in my driveway, hiking stick in hand, ready to go on an adventure. I wore basketball shorts, bare feet, and no shirt. I was a frequently naked kid. Then one day, I wasn’t allowed to be.⠀⠀

I was heartbroken. The boys in the neighborhood rode their bikes around the cul-de-sac shirtless. Why did this rule only apply to me? It had never crossed my mind that this experience was fleeting.

I really like being naked. It’s comfy. I sleep naked. I hang out with friends kinda naked. My partner and I are often caught walking around my apartment naked by my neighbors who are just ever so too close for it to be ok. (They LOVE us.) I don’t really think anything of it.

And now when I post a naked photo on Instagram I ask myself... do I care? I definitely didn’t used to. 

The truth is, I like documenting the way my body looks. It’s not always gonna look this way (which is totally fine!) And it’s really hard to preach body positivity and argue with people who slut shame when I’m slut shaming MYSELF because I want to post pics on my ass on Instagram.

So I’ve decided not to care.