Love As A Pessimist

Love as a pessimist

A lapse in the suffering of day to day. Find the one that makes you miserable the least. 

Please don’t leave me.

Just Love

It comes in waves that engulf you, then, sinks back till all that's left is the sea foam tickling your toes. (Or stinging that shaving cut on your ankle you forgot about) 
It’s an obligation, an obsession. Until it’s time to come up for air.

New Love

A rollercoaster drop sensation in the pit of your stomach. Oh no. What have I done? No going back now. A whisper of shame. Now you’re humming along to songs you swore you never liked. You daydreams of sunshine, soft grass and picnic baskets. Blankets and hot pots of soup stewing all day and spicing the air.

What did I do to deserve this?

Losing love

I lied to you. For a long, long time. Promises were broken. Plans were cancelled. Oh yeah, I bought us concert tickets for November. 

Can I still call you when I’m drunk? Do you have to tell your mom?

The weight of guilt.

I messed up.

T Shirt

Old love is like a shrunk t-shirt. Maybe you put it in the dryer for too long. Maybe you gained weight or stretched the neck out a little bit. Maybe it’s showing a little bit more of your tummy than you’d like it to. Or the lettering on the front is wearing off. It’s getting beady. Something’s not right. People look at you and recognize that’s still that shirt you’ve been wearing. Maybe it’s your favorite shirt. Maybe you used to look really good in that shirt. Maybe you’ve sewn it up a few times. You keep it in your closet and try all sorts of jacket combos to make it work but maybe it’s just not gonna happen. And that’s ok. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a new shirt.